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Food Recipes

Beef Chili
George Killian's Irish Red Beef Chili

This chunky, flavor-packed chili is just the thing for watching the game. the all-star ingredient- George Killian's Irish Red -takes this recipe from good to great.

Cheese Soup
George Killian's Irish Red Cheese Soup

Now you can sip your beer, your soup, and the beer in your soup. Make it for lunch, dinner or just because -doesn't matter, this soup is one smooth (and creamy) move.

Irish Red Buffalo Wings
George Killian's Irish Red Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings are easy to make, hard to put down, and excellent for entertaining groups of friends. Add Killian's and your guests will ask for seconds or fourths.

Food Pairings

It's Great Beside a Slider
It's Great Beside a Slider.

Cut: The trio of alcohol, bitterness and carbonation of Killian's cuts the fats and richness from the beef.

Complement: The caramelized malt sweetness from Killian's is best friends with caramelized onions plus it works well with the bready flavors of the bun.

Contrast: That caramel malt also provides a sweet counter point to the saltiness from the beef and cheese.

The right Pint for Ribs
The right Pint for Ribs

Cut: Even if they fall off the bone, ribs slathered in BBQ need Killian's carbonation to cut their BBQ sweetness like a knife.

Complement: BBQ sauce provides a tangy sweet backbone that marches in lockstep with Killian's caramel. malt spine.

Contrast: That BBQ sauce also has a spicy, pepperiness that sets off Killian's caramel malt sweetness.

Topped with Onions Flanked with Killian's
Topped with Onions Flanked with Killian's

Cut: The knockout combination of hops, alcohol and carbonation cuts the buttery richness in steak and onions like a knife.

Complement: Caramelized malt sweetness from Killian's and the caramelized onions harmonize on your palate as the similar flavors echo each other.

Contrast: The charred outer edge of a steak delivers a bitter sweet knockout punch with Killian's caramelized malt sweetness.

Makes Wings Take Off
Makes Wings Take Off

Cut: Hops and carbonation cuts through fattiness from the chicken and spiciness from the Buffalo sauce.

Complement: Breading on wings compliments the bread-like characteristics from the toasted malts in Killian's.

Contrast: Killian's malty sweetness balances out the heat, opening the door for another delicious bite.

Dive in with Fish & Chips
Dive in with Fish & Chips

Cut: Your palate need Killian's carbonation to clear away the fish oil between bites.

Complement: Batter is full of bready notes that compliment Killian's bread-like characteristics.

Contrast: The saltiness from the fish, the fries and the batter contrast well with Killian's malty sweetness.